Media Buying Agency in Abercregan

Media Buying Agency in Abercregan

We are a top rated media buying agency based in the United Kingdom. We can buy a number of media types to suit your individual marketing needs.

Professional Media Buyers in Abercregan

Professional Media Buyers in Abercregan

As professional media buyers, we know where to buy the ads from for the best value for money in order to get you the greatest return on investment.

Independent Advertising Experts in Abercregan

Independent Advertising Experts in Abercregan

If you are unsure where to purchase your ads from, our independent advertising experts can help.

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Media Buying Agency in Abercregan

At Promo Ads, we are a specialist media buying agency in Abercregan SA13 3 with years of experience and expert knowledge.

We can carry out services to negotiate the prices of your ads and obtain a suitable positioning for ambitious brands such as your business to reach their marketing goals for maximum exposure. 

As a top-rated media buying agency, we are able to work within your budget whilst considering what would make your target audience buy your product or service and apply the correct traditional or digital strategy.

Since we are expert media buyers we know what will get you the best return on investment which is why hiring a good media buying agency with a lot of experience and an understanding of the media landscape is essential when looking to buy ads.

We can buy a number of different advertising types from TV ads to newspapers to reach a lot of different target markets.

Once you decide what channel, station or newspaper you want to advertise on we will be able to buy the ad at the best price and schedule the advert for the correct time (or times) accordingly and come up with the best traditional or digital marketing strategy.

If you would like more information on the services we carry out in Abercregan, please make sure to complete our form on this page where you can fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Types of Media Buying

There are various types of media buying services and these include:

  • Direct - Purchase ads directly with a channel or publisher.
  • Network - This involves bidding and purchasing ad space and ad inventory.
  • Programmatic - Using technology to purchase and sell digital ads.

Businesses can choose from digital media buying and traditional.

Traditional media buying types include:

  • Radio Ads - Either across radio stations or various streaming platforms such as Spotify or SoundCloud 
  • Print Ads - Advertising in magazines, sending direct mail or newspapers either local or big-time publications 
  • Outdoor Advertising- Also known as OOH (out of home) ads, businesses can advertise on billboards, banners, transit advertising or bus shelters 
  • TV Ads - Most businesses opt for TV ads since they can gain the most attention if they are on in between popular shows

Digital types of media buying include: 

  • Display Ads - Businesses can purchase ad space and advertise using online banner ads on relevant websites to promote their product. 
  • Mobile Ads - Advertising on downloaded apps and games or sending out promotional texts when your business has offers on 
  • Paid Search - Essentially PPC advertising, which means that a company doesn't have to pay for advertising until a customer clicks on the ad. 
  • Social Media Ads - Running social media campaigns or an influencer marketing strategy on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Snapchat. 
  • Digital Marketing Outdoor Advertising- Digital billboards, digital bus ads, and digital kiosks. 

What are the Benefits of Media Buying?

There are many benefits to media buying some of these include:

  • Many options to choose from-  either digital marketing or traditional options.
  • Can provide the business with advertising success - If they have strategically purchased media.
  • Increased brand awareness - no matter what ad the business chooses.
  • Easy and effective - when wanting to reach specific target audiences.


Media Buying Costs

The average costs for media buying can vary between £50-£20,000 depending on a wide range of factors.

The channel, station or print publication you wish to advertise on is one of the biggest aspects which will alter media buying costs. If you decide you want to advertise on TV, this will cost more than a newspaper ad; however, the price can change again depending on the channel you use, since some will be more popular than others.

Another factor which will change the price would be the time you schedule the advert for, or how often it is advertised in a newspaper.

If you put your ad on TV or the radio at night when fewer people are watching/listening the price will be less than if you were to put it on during the prime time.

Our professional buyers in your surrounding area are able to negotiate the best prices for your advertising spend and ensure that you are getting the best quality ads within your budget.

Our primary aim is to get the lowest price available at the best quality. If you let us know your budget prior to buying the adverts, we will be able to remain within your spending allowances when making purchases for your ads.  

Independent Media Buyers Near Me

As independent media buyers, we are able to buy advertisements from a wide range of different companies, so you won't be limited to a small portion.

When placing an order with our buyers, the channel or magazine you want to advertise on is completely up to you. Once you tell us the details of your campaign we will negotiate with the companies to get you the best price to advertise in their publications.

At Promo Ads, it is our duty to ensure you get great value for money and our professional negotiators are sure to get you a price which is right for you.

Independent media buyers are not linked to organisations in any way, which means we can buy adverts from anyone and offer outsiders opinions on your ads.

If you would like to discuss your advertising campaign with one of our nearby professional buyers closest to you in Abercregan, please ensure that you fill out our contact box. 

What is the Difference Between Media Planning and Media Buying?

The difference between media planning and media buying is that media buying focuses on getting the best results at the best price and media planning focuses on the marketing strategy and campaign.

Media planners and media buyers work closely together to create the perfect advertising campaign for helping brands get the desired outcome.

Media Buying 

Media buying involves purchasing the right combination of media so they are able to follow through with the campaign goals. 

Media buyers can purchase media in several ways; direct access, network and programmatic.

Media Planning 

Media planning is essentially the route that potential buyers follow when they want to negotiate and purchase any ads.

It is a strategic data-driven process that media planners in a marketing agency will use before they want to purchase and launch an ad so they are able to maximise return on investment and have an effective ad campaign.


Purchasing Marketing Advertising in Abercregan

When purchasing marketing advertising in Abercregan SA13 3 you will need to make sure you choose a reputable company.

At Promo Ads, we have years of experience and expert knowledge with regard to purchasing ads. We will only purchase top-quality adverts to ensure that your business is presented in the best possible way.

We work independently which means that we can buy adverts from the companies you request. Purchasing marketing advertising can be difficult if you don't know much about buying media, this is why we are here to help you.

Let us know where you want your adverts to be and the time schedule for them and we will sort out payments to remain within your specific budget.  

When choosing the best advertising and performance marketing business, there are many points to consider including the standard of adverts, customer service along with the value. You will find misleading agencies, that may not provide the best services.

Media Buying Company Near Me

Being a professional independent media agency, we meet various needs including the Advertising Standards Authority, Code of Advertising and much more.

All of our marketing and advertising companies stick to the code of advertising and also Ofcom broadcasting codes since there are many misleading advertising requirements.

We make sure British laws and also the committee of advertising practice are considered when creating ads.

When contemplating the British code of ad broadcasting along with Sponsorship, we'll work alongside our clients to guarantee they are satisfied with the overall results of the advertising campaign and marketing strategy. 

We'll make certain that you get the greatest results from our adverts since we are a specialist company which makes an effort to offer our clients the best value for money.

Media Buying Process

When looking to order media buying, you may want to consider following these steps:

  1. Set the Budget - Decide on a budget that you are willing to spend on advertising.
  2. Send Requests for Proposals (RFPs) - Send media buying proposals to desired media outlets and publishers.
  3. Finalise the Insertion Order (IO) - Confirm your media order by submitting an insertion order.
  4. Send the Creative Advert - Send the chosen advert to the media outlets.
  5. Launch the Campaign
  6. Measure and Analyse - Monitor the campaign to see how it is performing.
  7. Check Ad Spending with Budget - Check the campaign spending against the original budget.
  8. Negotiate - If there are any underperforming adverts, negotiate and make good with data-driven information.

What is a Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of purchasing ad space and time on digital and offline platforms for a new project or more brand awareness.

Media buying is a service carried out by professionals who will sort out prices and placements of advertisements.

What is a Media Buying Agency?

Media buying agencies in Abercregan are responsible for negotiating deals with publishers for advertising space, managing budgets and optimising adverts to improve the campaign.

The best media buyers will get you great value for money and will be able to schedule this if you want more than one advert.

At Promo Ads, we strive to provide you with a high-quality creative agency at the most reasonable price. We can negotiate when buying ads to ensure you are not paying more than you should for marketing solutions.

Our services allow you to get the advertisement you want at the right time, the right place, and the right price. Our local media owners have years of experience negotiating and communicating, which is vital when buying adverts.



Is Media Buying Effective?

Media buying is a very effective marketing strategy that requires a lot of strategic media planning to ensure that the ads purchased create a successful campaign. 

It also gives the business a lot of media channels when it comes to traditional and digital media buying so they can pick an advertising format that suits them. 

Are AD Campaigns Easy to Measure and Analyse?

If your business keeps on top of the progress of its campaign it can be very easy to keep track of how well your campaign is doing. 

One of the benefits of digital media is the ability to measure campaigns while they’re up and running instead of having to wait for them to finish to digest results.

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At Promo Ads, we try to make buying adverts as easy as possible for our clients. By following the 5 simple steps, you will be well on your way to coming up with a media plan and advertising your brand.

If you would like to discuss your advertising campaign with one of our professional media buyers in Abercregan

Please ensure you fill in our enquiry form. Our experts will get back to you as quickly as possible with helpful advice and information regarding buying media.

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